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The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

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A whole new way to look at the World.

HiddenMagic.jpgThe millions of people who visit the creative wonderland that is Walt Disney World rush from attraction to attraction, but they don’t see much of what is in between. And what is in between is the hidden magic of Walt Disney World, a magnificent array of often-overlooked details and story-enhancing touches that make Disney shows and attractions the best in the world.

The Hidden Magic shows readers how to look and listen for themselves and gain an appreciation for all the subtleties that truly bring these creations to life, highlighting exactly where the magic comes from and how it is created, why things are the way you see them, and the immense attention to detail involved, as well as de-bunking the myths and misconceptions that have flourished on the Internet.


The book also deals in the back-stories of all the attractions, with a liberal sprinkling of exclusive Imagineer quotes, pointing out why the attractions developed as they did, because ‘stories’ are what Disney is all about. Nothing is done without a reason.

Ultimately, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World becomes the perfect companion with which to tour the theme parks, providing an expert guide that will open the eyes of park-goers to a new World that’s been right in front of them all the time, so they can see the parks in a whole new way, and enjoy them even more – just as Walt and his Imagineers always intended.

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Planner.jpg And now, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Planner! Following in the footsteps of Susan's big Disney book success story, a whole new volume taking in the full picture of Walt's 47-square-mile vacation kingdom and adding new 'hidden magic' and a full narrative of what's there, how it came into being, how best to enjoy it - and create your own magical memories along the way.

 It's not a guidebook so much as an interactive journal to ensure you not only get the best insight into all the resorts, shops, restaurants and attractions, but also a proper record of what you do and see, building into an unforgettable experience of your trip. It is a companion volume to the original Hidden Magic but also takes the story-telling a step further, with more back-stories, fascinating facts and some all-important first-hand advice in the form of Rookie Mistakes and Reality Checks. For those who like to squeeze every last drop of excitement and value out of their Disney vacation, this is the new way to do it! Be sure to see more about it on Amazon on this link. 

Test your knowledge of Disney's little-known facts and history!

You've been to Disney World hundreds of times and can rattle off the entire spiel for the Jungle Cruise from memory, but how much do you really know about these imaginative theme parks and their attractions? From the fastest rides and the tallest sculptures to the parks' enchanting history and hidden gems, this trivia challenge doesn't miss a single detail - no matter how small. Full of Disney's best-kept secrets and facts, you will spend hours racking your brain trying to figure out answers to questions such as, "What is the name of the award Walt Disney created for special Cast Members?" and "What is so special about the dentures Dr. Winch is promoting at Country Bear Jamboree?"

A treasure trove of challenging Disney World trivia, this book is guaranteed to stump even the biggest Mickey Mouse fan!


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