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Freelance Travel Writing

We are best known for our top-selling Brit Guide travel series titles to Orlando and Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, as well as Susan's runaway success with her Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World books, but we also provide a wide variety of freelance writing to numerous outlets and are always happy and willing to receive new commissions. As well as our 'home' state of Florida, we travel widely through the US, in addition to periodic visits to Europe (the UK, France, Italy and Spain) and regular cruises (including Alaska, the rivers of Europe, the Western Mediterranean, Patagonia and the Caribbean). Summer 2006, for example, was spent on a l-o-n-g tour of northern Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, which turned up a rich variety of travel features, while summer 2007 featured a Caribbean cruise and a two-week tour of Dublin, Paris and London. In 2008 and '09, we varied even more widely, from Alaska to Arizona, Cornwall (UK) to Barcelona, Dallas/Fort Worth to Miami, and much of the length of I-75 for our another new book project, while also going back to sea on the mamoth Oasis of the Seas, on a memorable family RV trip around Lake Michigan and back to Europe (including Disneyland Paris). More locally, our travels have taken in much of the Midwest and Florida including the beautiful area of Michigan's Boyne County and on into the Upper Peninsula, while Mackinac Island remains one of our favorite destinations. You can see more about our recent travels - and the ideas they unearthed - on our personalised chart Here!

Promotional Media

Our natural style is positive, enthusiastic and well-informed, and this lends itself to the additional writing techniques required for brochures, web copy and other promotional material. To date, we have provided essential copy for various tour operators, ticket brokers and some of Orlando's attractions, and we are always available to help enhance both brochure and website material. More recently, we have both written and edited promotional brochures (in conjunction with Phoenix International Publishing) for Great Lakes North America and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas, to the great satisfaction of both clients, and written the Adventure Cruise Collection for specialist cruise agent The Cruise Line Limited.

In fact, with our unique perspective on the travel and tourist business, we are ideally equipped to provide technical copy-writing of an attractive nature in just about every medium you care to name! Just give us a try and we guarantee we can captivate your customers.

“Wow…talk about a ‘dynamic duo’…Simon and Susan are the Woodward and Bernstein of the travel world! This duo understands the industry and how best to appeal to travel consumers.  And because of this, they have written some of our very best travel guide copy.”
L. Anthony "Toby" McCarrick
Executive Director
Great Lakes of North America

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